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Dentures and Partials


Dentures come with huge benefits for patients and can greatly improve your quality of life. With today's technology, dentures are created to look natural in appearance and give the impression of a beautiful smile. Additionally, dentures provide support for your facial muscles as well as assist with your ability to chew and eat food, and they also assist with your ability to speak clearly. With the advances in dental implants and other techniques in the last twenty years, dentures can often be used in conjunction with implants for enhanced function and comfort. However, for many people dentures alone are a very cost effective solution to the problem of aging teeth and gum disease.

Removable Partials

A partial denture is a removable appliance that replaces one or more missing teeth. It is supported by your existing teeth and fills in those unwanted gaps.

There are many styles and designs to fit your situation. At Keeter & Geiger Dentistry we can suggest which options you may want to consider.

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